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The Green Schools Leadership Coalition is a group of stakeholders who are interested in the spaces in which our children learn.   

Our members include:

school district administration,  school-building organizations, vendors, architects, engineers, curriculum designers, educators and more. 

Date TBC: Intersections between School Design and Construction


Green Schools Leadership Coalition:  Exploring the intersection between Design and Operations in Schools 

One of the main tenets of Green Building is Integrated Design.  How does that look in school construction?  Join us for a panel discussion of the opportunities and challenges  with the intersection between Design and Operations of a school.  Hear from the architecture, construction, and building operations experts about what has worked well and Lessons Learned from previous projects.  Notes will be taken in an effort to develop this into a white paper on Integrated School Design.  

This is part of our Green Schools Leadership Coalition series: "Intersections," in which we're exploring the intersections between the 4 areas of school construction: Design, Construction, Operations, and Occupants.  


We would like this website to be a repository for reports and documents that will be helpful to those trying to build Green Schools.  If you have documents you think others would find useful, please send to 


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